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Rhinevault Olsen Machine & Tool, Inc.


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CNC Lathes

Mazak Quick Turn 20

15”dia x 40” centers


Mazak Quick Turn 8

8”dia x 11.5” centers

Equipped with bar feed 1.6” capacity



CNC Milling

Haas VF3

20" x 25" x 40"


Mazak VTC-16B

44”X 16”Y 20”Z

Equipped with full 4th axis


Bridgeport Torque Cut 30

30”X 16”Y 22”Z

Equipped with full 4th axis


Bridgeport 12” x 48” VS

 Equipped with AGE 2 axis Control



Milling Machines

Bridgeport 12”x 42”

Equipped with slotting attachment


Cincinnati #2 Horizontal Mill

12” x 42” Table



Key Seating/Broaching

2-Mitts & Merrill #2

0.125” – 1.25” x 12” capacity


Oil – Gear Horizontal Broach

0.125” –0.5” x 5” capacity

Internal splines

Square/hex shapes



Gear Cutting

Fellows 6-64 Gear Shaper

Maximum Pitch 2.5”

Maximum OD  35”

Maximum Face Width 5”

Maximum ID Approx 1”

Barber Colman 16-16

Universal Gear Hob

Splines/Helical & Spur Gears



Internal Grinders

Heald 72A

15”dia x 10” long



External Grinders


10”dia x 60” long


Brown & Sharpe

6” x 18” surface grinder



18” x 96” surface grinder



Engine Lathes


15”dia x 48” centers



22”dia x 144” centers

3 & 4 Jaw Chucks

Steady Rests


2-#4 Warner & Swasey

Universal turret lathes



Drill Presses

Clausing #3

Pedestal drill press


Bench Models

Secondary Chamfer



Internal Honing

Sunnen Hone

0.25”ID- 3.5”ID capacity



Support Equipment


Well Automatic 1200


15” width/height capacity


Powermatic Vertical

Contour band-saw



Unique Machines

Fischer Internal Oil Groover

6”dia x 8” long

Figure-8 & oval groves




Complete complement of measuring

and inspection equipment

24” x 36” granite plate

18” x 18” granite plate

Brown and Sharpe 24” Height gauge

Micrometers & Standards 1” – 24”

Vermont pin gauge sets

Magnetic V-blocks

Inspection Indicators



Shop Support

Work benches, vices, storage parts, etcher, stamps and material handling – 4000lbs.


Cad/Cam 2-4 axis solutions





Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our capabilities.